Kari Wilbanks Interior Design

Kari Wilbanks, owner and principal of Kari Wilbanks Interior Design has been creating award-winning interiors for over twenty years. After starting her career with a commercial architecture and interior design firm in Birmingham, AL, Kari decided to change direction and focus on luxury interiors in the panhandle of Florida. It was there that Kari developed her process for creating timeless interiors and navigating the business of design. As a licensed interior designer, Kari knows that the design process involves more than what you see with the finished product. Effective and lasting interior design is the culmination of selections, project management, and attention to detail. In 2007, Kari and her family moved to Tampa, FL where she founded Kari Wilbanks Interior Design, which specializes in renovations and luxury new construction.

Kari Wilbanks
My philosophy

At Kari Wilbanks Interior Design, we truly believe that every home should be a sanctuary for those who live there. The home is where the memories are made, the laughter is shared, and the bumps in the road take place. By thoughtfully juxtaposing the colors, textures, space, and light, we believe that the significance of your sanctuary can truly be enhanced and appreciated. Of course, all of these elements work best with function at the core. Let’s face it, we are in a time where everyone is busy so we need our homes to be functional and beautiful. Over the years, I have learned that true luxury interiors are not just accomplished through beautiful finishes and furnishings, but through being able to live day to day seamlessly.

About Me

About me... the insider’s story. The truth of the matter is that I love beautiful “things”. Architecture, furniture, fabrics, wall covering, lighting,... it all resonates with me. I love colors, textures, and lines and how when these simple concepts are put together in a series that a space can be reimagined. The journey of using a single element to build an entire design project is something that truly brings me joy. Often, I am asked about my style and the truth is that I love it all! I am not married to a particular style or color because I can see the value of both antiques and contemporary; the ornate or straight lines; bold color and monochromatic schemes. Simply put, this is why I do what I do and it is what brings me great happiness.

Charitable Giving
At Kari Wilbanks Interior Design we believe that true success is measured not just by a good bottomline, but through helping others. Making your home and the world a better place is at the core of what we do. http://www.metromin.org